Magnum Wine Bottle | The Bigger the Better?

Size may or may not matter in other cases (you know what we mean 😛), but it surely does in the case of wines. A magnum bottle of wine is specially meant to satisfy your cravings for the bigger!

Let’s quickly answer what is magnum wine and how big is big enough for your “are magnums actually bigger.”

What Is Magnum Wine Bottle?

Magnum is a Latin word that means ‘large.’

As wine comes in different bottle sizes and shapes, magnums are nothing but wine bottles that are bigger in size than regular ones.

These large bottles of wine are double the size of a normal bottle, providing double the quantity. What we mean is, that while a standard wine bottle holds 750 ml of wine, magnums hold 1.5 liters.

The wine bottle dimensions and wine bottle volume also vary as the magnum bottle is 14 inches tall and has a diameter of around 4 inches.

Isn’t that huge?

5 Reasons to Drink it Out of Magnums

“But it’s just the size of the bottle,” we hear you. Well, yes, it is, but these big bottles also serve many benefits, for say:

1. Generous Wine Servings

Opting for Magnum wine bottles means you get more servings of wine in a single container. With double the volume of a standard bottle, Magnum bottles offer an abundance of wine to share and savor, making them perfect for gatherings and celebrations.

2. Enhanced Ageing Potential

One compelling reason to invest in Magnum bottles is their ability to improve the aging potential of wine. Thanks to their larger volume and consistent neck size, wine in Magnum bottles matures at a slower pace, resulting in a more complex, mature, and harmonious taste over time.

3. Longer-lasting Freshness

Large bottles of wine like Magnums offer the advantage of preserving wine freshness for an extended period. The reduced empty space between the wine and the cork minimizes the risk of oxidation, ensuring that your wine stays fresher for a more extended period.

4. Collectible Treasures

Magnum wine bottles are highly sought-after as collectible items. Their unique size and the wines they house can become valuable additions to your wine collection over time. Investing in Magnum bottles not only provides you with exquisite wines but also the opportunity to build a wine collection that holds both taste and investment value.

5. Striking Visual Impact

Finally, one of the most overlooked magnum drink benefits that we sure cannot ignore is how beautifully it lets you show off! It makes an eye-catching statement, or if it matters to you, a classy Instagram post drinking from a bottle that dwarfs your own head in size.

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Are Magnums Only for Champagne?

When it comes to magnums, we often hear people saying, “What is magnum of Champagne?” Well, magnum bottles are often associated with champagne due to their prominence at celebratory events, however, they are not exclusively reserved for champagne alone.

Magnum-sized containers are available for both red and white wines, making them versatile choices for wine enthusiasts. Whether you opt for a Magnum champagne or a Magnum of red wine, or even a Magnum white wine, the size and aesthetic appeal of these large-format wine bottles remain consistent, and the slower aging process can enhance the quality of any wine variety.

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Storing and Serving Magnum Wine Bottles

Here are a few quick pointers before you store or serve your magnum wine delivery singapore

  • If you store magnum bottles of wine in your home, a magnum wine rack is the best thing you can have to store your magnums. It is designed specially to facilitate storing large bottles in a proper and beautiful manner. These racks are commonly used in wine cellars or home bars.
  • Before you serve your magnum wine bottles, let all the sediment settle down at the bottom of the bottle by making your bottle stand upright a day prior to your occasion.
  • Do you know that the neck and cork of a magnum wine bottle are equal to a regular bottle of wine? This means you don’t need any special equipment to open your magnum bottles as the regular corkscrew can do the job well.


Long story short, magnum bottles are nothing but bigger bottles of wine, exactly double the size of the standard bottles. It not only stores more of the quantity but also keeps it fresher and slows down the age of the wines stored in it. Benchmark Wines has a vast variety of Online wines Singapore available in both standard and magnums.

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