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Monastrell: A Mediterranean Gem 

Monastrell, also known as Mourvèdre as a part of French wines, and Mataro as a part of Australian wine, is a red wine grape with a long and celebrated history in the Mediterranean. While Spain claims it as Spain wine, its bold character shines in wines across the globe. Let’s delve into its world: 

Monastrell Grape Characteristics: 

Bold & Structured:

Known for high tannins and acidity, Monastrell produces full-bodied wines with notes of black fruit (plum, blackberry), peppery spice, and earthy minerals. Aging softens these tannins, revealing flavors of leather, tobacco, and even chocolate. 

Food Pairings:

Its robust nature calls for food pairings that can stand up to it. Think grilled meats, stews, roasted vegetables, and hard cheeses. Its peppery notes complement dishes with olives, tapenade, and even Moroccan spices. 

Blending Powerhouse:

Monastrell often plays a supporting role in blends, adding complexity and structure to Grenache wine (Garnacha) and Shiraz (Syrah), especially in the famous GSM blends of the Southern Rhône and Australia. 

Best Monastrell Wines – FAQs: 

Where does Monastrell grow? 

Spain (Jumilla, Yecla), Southern France (Bandol, Côtes du Rhône), California (Zinfandel blends), Australia (Barossa Valley), and emerging regions like Chile and Israel. 

Is Monastrell sweet or dry? 

Always dry, ranging from medium-bodied to full-bodied depending on region and aging. 

What is the price range of Monastrell? 

Varies depending on Monastrell grape origin and producer. Spanish red wines Monastrell tends to be more affordable, while premium Monastrell in red wine France and red wine Australia examples can command higher prices. 

Is Monastrell good for aging? 

Yes! High tannins and acidity allow Monastrell to age well, developing richer flavors and smoother textures. 

Beyond the basics: 

Monastrell is known for its heat tolerance, thriving in dry and sunny climates. 

It’s a versatile Monastrell grape variety, also used in rose wine and fortified wine like Priorat in Spain. 

Explore unoaked Monastrell to experience its pure fruit character, or oak-aged ones for richer, more complex profiles. 

With its bold personality and food-friendly nature, Monastrell is a grape worth exploring. So, uncork a bottle and discover the taste of this best red wine Singapore at Benchmark Wines, the biggest wine delivery Singapore network!