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Shiraz and Syrah | Best Australian Shiraz Region

Shiraz from the world’s best growing wine regions, delivered in Singapore today – get premium shiraz in Singapore.

Australian Shiraz | Australian Red Wine Shiraz

Do you like wine? We do, too! On our unique Australian shiraz collection, you’ll find fantastic Red wine deals. These deals are only possible because we don’t reveal the maker’s brand on site. The wines are genuine, with no cleanskins or fake brands; instead, they’re dangerously cheap.

Buy Best Value Australian Shiraz Online – Benchmark Wines

Shiraz, which is also known as Syrah, are dark-skinned grapes grown for red winemaking. It’s the most common grape cultivated in Australia’s famed wine regions, and it’s also the country’s most important variety. This Australian red wines shiraz variety has a darker hue than other Cabernet Sauvignon wines varieties. Australian Shiraz red wines are generally full-bodied wines with moderate acidity and mouth-drying tannins. These red wines with a strong flavor profile that is complemented by vibrant fruits such as blackcurrants, black cherries, and blueberries. The finish is clean and long with a peppery and spicy aftertaste. A premium bottle may sometimes be noted with smoke, allspice, olive, pepper, clove, licorice, cured meat, herbs, tobacco, and vanilla notes. A top Shiraz wine is the perfect pair with burgers, spicy BBQ, or other spiced meats for a soul-satisfying meal.

Best Australian Shiraz Wine Brands

Over the years, several of the country’s greatest Shiraz wine-producing brands have earned a worldwide reputation. At Benchmark wines, we have a wide range of wines from some of the most prestigious names. You can buy Shiraz wine online in the comfort of your own home and share it with your friends, family, and coworkers!