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Giovanni Manzone ‘Rosserto’ Langhe Rossese Bianco 2016


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Rossese Bianco

Rossese Bianco is a white wine grape grown in the Liguria region of Italy. The Rossese Bianco grape is a varietal used to make DOC wines. Rossese Bianco wines are made from 100% Rossese Bianco grapes.

Rossese bianco – Famous white wine grape variety

The Ligurian white wine grape variety, Rossese Bianco, is known for its high acidity and aromatics. The wines are typically medium-bodied with a mineral content that can be intense at times but have great complexity in their flavors due to the presence of citrus notes from both bitter oranges as well as sweet lemons on juicy flowers throughout each sip.

Where to Buy Rossese bianco in Singapore

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