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Tim Adams Mr Mick Pinot Grigio: australian wines at Benchmark WInes

Tim Adams ‘Mr. Mick’ Limestone Coast Pinot Grigio 2022

Benchmark Wines-Tim Adams 'The Fergus' Grenache Tempranillo Malbec 2016

Tim Adams ‘The Fergus’ Grenache Tempranillo Malbec 2016

Benchmark Wines Spring Seed Wine Company ‘Wanderer Sparkling Red N.V. Organic

Spring Seed Wine Company ‘Wanderer’ Sparkling Red N.V. (Organic)

Paxton Organic Biodynamic Cabernet Sauvignon 2018-0

Paxton Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2020


Tim Adams Shiraz 2019


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Benchmark Australia Wine Singapore 

Australia, known for producing a plethora of wines by country, showcases its excellence through Benchmark Wines’ selection of the finest wine offerings from some of the country’s top winemakers. While the term “fine wines in Singapore” is often used loosely, Benchmark Wines takes pride in curating exceptional Australian wines. Many globally acclaimed winemakers with extensive experience in Europe and the USA contribute to Australia’s rich winemaking heritage, and their best creations are available through Benchmark Wines. 

Australia is a powerhouse in the global wine scene, ranking among the top 10 producers worldwide, churning out a staggering 1.2 million liters annually. Over half of this exquisite wine is shipped worldwide, allowing Singapore to indulge in the distinct flavors and aromas of Australian fine wines. Explore our collection and savor the essence of the “Land down under.” 

Type of Australian Wines Online We Offer 

Australian Red Wine  

Discover a diverse range of Australian red wine online, from the harmoniously balanced Penfolds Bin of the Shiraz wines family to the enticing selections from Margaret River’s Cullen Wilyabrup and plenty of other options in Australian Shiraz. 

Australian White Wine  

Indulge in Edden Valley’s brightest star, its Riesling Singapore collection, or experience the blend of plum and wood smoke found in Liris Chardonnay wine. Benchmark Wines offers a variety of choices for Australian white wine enthusiasts. 

Australian Rose Wine  

Our exclusively selected Australian Rose wines stand apart with their captivating scents of jasmine and rose, paired with rich and unique flavors. 

Australian Sparkling Wine  

Experience balance and brightness with our radiant collection of Australian sparkling wine, featuring Australian Chardonnay and Australian Pinot Noir. 

Buy Australian Wine Online: Quality and Specialty  

Benchmark Wines brings you everything you love about wine, from sparkling rose to red and white Australian wine online. Immerse yourself in the distinct taste and alluring flavors of our premium Australian wines in Singapore. 

Australia’s wine industry is a significant contributor to the country’s economy, and Benchmark Wines ensures that you experience the elegance and authenticity of Australian wine without the logistical hassle. Browse our assorted collection and order from the comfort of your home. 

Why Benchmark Wines is Best for Australian Wines Singapore?  

At Benchmark Wines, we follow a strict selection process, offering only the finest Australian wines across Red, White, Sparkling, and Rose categories. Enjoy the convenience of having your favorite Aussie wine delivered to your doorstep. Experience the authentic Aussie wine journey with Benchmark Wines – browse, pick, and checkout for prompt delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the Best Australian Wine?  

Bethany or Paulett Wines are among the most common and esteemed Australian wines globally, with unique flavors and characteristics. 

Where can I buy Premium Australian Wines?  

Purchase Australian wine offline from a wine store or conveniently order from an authentic online marketplace like Benchmark Wines. 

What is the Best Online Wine Store?  

Benchmark Wines stands out as the best online wine store for Australian wine, offering a diverse collection, authenticity, and timely delivery. 

More in Australian Wine from Benchmark Wines 

  • To pop open your favorite bottle of Australian wine, simply use the high quality, easy to use, dual pronged wine opener by Benchmark Wines. 
  • Save your money while shopping Australian wines by investing in hand-curated mixed cases of wine offered by Benchmark Wines rather than individually buying wine bottles at MRP. 
  • Shop Australian wines in large format wine available in magnum wine and double magnum sizes to enjoy bigger portions of wine and even bigger savings on your purchase. 
  • All our Australin wines are also available in the form of natural wine Singapore that are made with sustainable practices, that means, easy on the planet, easy on your health.