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Hewitson Mother Vine Monopole Shiraz

Hewitson ‘Mother Vine’ Shiraz 2013

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Madame ‘F’ Blanc 2018

Benchmark Wines_Maxim's de Paris 'Brut Reserve' Champagne NV_Champagne Singapore

Maxim’s de Paris ‘Brut Reserve’ Champagne NV

Ch. d'Escals 'Whispering Angel' Ros̩e 2018 en-Magnum-0

Ch. d’Escals ‘Whispering Angel’ Rose 2022

Benchmark WInes_Billecart-Salmon 'Brut Reserve' NV_Champage Singapore

Billecart-Salmon ‘Brut Reserve’ NV


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Buy French Wine Online – Benchmark French Wines Singapore 

As Singapore’s premier wine delivery Singapore network of French wine, Benchmark Wines invites you to explore our extensive selection of French Champagne, Bordeaux, Chablis, Burgundy, Sancerre, Rhone, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. Discover the epitome of our collection of wines by country, and French winemaking excellence with us. 

French Wine Singapore – Benchmark France Wine Singapore 

Where there is wine, there is France. With rich soil, perfect weather, and a romance-loving country, France is home to some of the world’s most prominent wine brands. The culture of winemaking in France dates back centuries, and Benchmark Wines brings you the authentic taste and genuine nature of French wine right from the original vineyards to your doorstep in Singapore. 

Types of Best French Wine We Offer: 

French Red Wine  

Indulge in the best France red wine – from Bordeaux wine French wineries, striking the perfect balance between texture and aroma. If you love French wine, savor the distinct taste of French Red wine delivered to you in Singapore by Benchmark Wines. 

French White Wine  

Enhance your dining experience with French White Wine, offering exclusive notes from Alsace to the Loire. Explore a variety of white wines from France for enthusiasts in Singapore. 

French Rose Wine  

Our carefully selected, packaged, and delivered French rose wines add a touch of elegance to your collection. Experience the best French rose wine at your doorstep with Benchmark Wines. 

Buy France Wine: Quality and Specialty 

France stands as one of the leading producers and experts in the world of wine, with a rich history of harvesting and producing some of the best and most flavorful wines. Whether aged or new, white or red, Benchmark Wines offers an authentic collection of handpicked and delivered French wine in Singapore. 

From parties to dining, elevate every experience with the perfect glass of wine between your fingers. For class and exquisiteness, look no further than French wine. To find the best French wine online, visit Benchmark Wines and explore our catalog today. 

Why Benchmark Wines Best for France Wines Online in Singapore? 

Benchmark Wines is dedicated to delivering authentic French wine to your doorstep in Singapore. Our differentiated collection features only the best and most competitively priced wines from the French countryside. We ensure that no experience is lost, allowing you to enjoy the genuine essence that French vineyards are known to produce when you receive a bottle of French wine from Benchmark Wines. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What wine is France famous for?  

France is famous for wines from regions like the Loire and Rhone Valley, with widely known names like Pinot Gris and Riesling. 

Where can I get French wine in Singapore?  

Your search for French wine in Singapore ends at Benchmark Wines, where we house an amalgam of the best wine brands handpicked from authentic French vineyards and delivered to your doorsteps. 

Is French wine good?  

France offers some of the most exquisite and luscious wines, known for their classic aroma and natural taste. With Benchmark Wines, you can get your hands on a bottle of French wine online in Singapore and experience the essence of France. 

What is French wine price? 

French wine at Benchmark Wines starts from as low as $29.00. 

More in French Wine from Benchmark Wines 

  • To pop open your favorite bottle of French wine, simply use the high quality, easy to use, dual pronged wine prong by Benchmark Wines. 
  • Save your money while shopping French wines by investing in hand-curated mixed wine cases online offered by Benchmark Wines rather than individually buying wine bottles at MRP. 
  • Shop big wine bottle of French wines available in magnum wine bottle and double magnum sizes to enjoy bigger portions of wine and even bigger savings on your purchase. 
  • All our French wines are also available in the form of natural wine that are made with sustainable practices, that means, easy on the planet, easy on your health.