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Benchmark Wines is Singapore’s # 1 online wine retailer of French wine. Check out our wide selection of French Champagne, Bordeaux, Chablis, Burgundy, Sancerre, Rhone, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Benchmark France Wines Singapore

Where there is wine there is France. The rich soiled, perfect weather and the romance-loving country is also home to some of the most prominent wine brands there are in the world. The culture of winemaking in France dates back to hundreds of years when a country surrounded by the Mediterranean sea found its first batch of authentic French wine.

Presented to you right from the original vineyards of the fence, Benchmark Wines is your go-to destination for French wine online in Singapore. Keeping the authentic taste and genuine nature of the wine intact, we deliver a variety of French wines right at your doorsteps, hassle-free.

Type of France Wines we Offer

French Red Wine

We hold a collection of the best Bordeaux wine the French wineries have to offer. They offer a distinct taste and strike the perfect balance between texture and aroma. If it’s French wine you love, you will adore French Red wine delivered to you in Singapore from us, Benchmark wines.

French White Wine

Occasionally or not, you need a wine that enlightens your taste buds and gives you the perfect dining experience, that’s what French White Wine is. From the exclusive notes of Alsace to the Loire, we have a variety of white wines from French for white wine enthusiasts in Singapore.

French Rose Wine

A wine catalog is empty without listings of some of the best French rose wines. At Benchmark Wines, we carefully select, package, and deliver French rose wine to your doorsteps.

Buy France Wine: Quality and Speciality

French is one of the leading producers and experts of wine across the world. It has a rich history of harvesting and producing some of the best and most flavorsome wine the world has seen. Aged or new, white or red, you can explore a catalog of French wine and choose from an authentic collection of handpicked and delivered French wine Singapore by Benchmark Wines.

From parties to dining, everything’s better when you have the perfect glass of wine between your fingers. If you are looking for class and exquisiteness, there is one country wine you need to look for – it’s French wine, and to find the best French wine online, you just have to visit Benchmark Wines. Explore our catalog, today.

Why Benchmark Wines Best for France Wines Online In Singapore?

At Benchmark Wines we are all about delivering authentic French wine Singapore right in the palm of your hands. We end your search for wine with our differicianted collection of only the best and most competitively priced wine the French Country has to offer. In addition, we also make sure no experience is lost. So, when you find a bottle of French wine delivered to you by Benchmark Wines, you enjoy the genuine experience the french vineyards are known to produce.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What wine is France famous for?

France is home to a host of wind brands but some of the most famous ones come from the regions including the Loire and Rhone Valley among others with names like Pinot Gris and Riesling being most widely known.

2.Where can I get French wine in Singapore?

Your search for French wine Singapore ends at Benchmark Wines. In our online seller, we house an amalgam of some of the best wine brands handpicked from the authentic vineyards of France and delivered right at your doorsteps.

3. Is French wine good?

France offers some of the most exquisite and luscious wine. It is known for its classic aroma and natural taste. Where there is wine, there is France. And you get get your hands on a French wine bottle online in Singapore on Benchmark Wines.