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Benchmark Wines_Bocelli Family Wines 'Rosso di Toscano' Sangiovese' IGT 2017_Italian Wine Singapore

Bocelli Family Wines ‘Rosso di Toscano’ Sangiovese’ IGT 2017

Benchmark Wines_Bocelli Family Wines Chianti Classico 2018_Italian Red Wine Singapore-2

Bocelli Family Wines Chianti Classico 2018

Benchmark Wines_Canto dei Vigneti Chianti Reserva DOCG 2016 French Wines

Canto dei Vigneti Chianti Reserva DOCG 2016

Benchmark Wines_Canto dei Vigneti Chianti Classico DOCG 2019 French Wines

Canto dei Vigneti Chianti Classico DOCG 2019

Benchmark Wines Singapore_Saracosa Toscana Governo Rosso _ Italian Wine Singapore

Saracosa Toscana Governo Rosso (Sangiovese-Merlot) 2021


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Best Italian Red Wines Singapore | Benchmark Wines 

As the leading online wine store in Singapore, Benchmark Wines proudly presents our exquisite selection of Italian red wines. Explore our wide variety of French Champagne, Bordeaux, Chablis, Burgundy, Sancerre, Rhone, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. 

Italian Red Wines Singapore 

Italian Red wine embodies class and quality, celebrated not only in America but also right here in Singapore. The distinct aroma, natural flavors, and aging process make Italian red wine an instant favorite among wine enthusiasts. If you appreciate wine, trying Italian red wine in Singapore is a must. 

For authentic, quality, and diverse Italian red wines, Benchmark Wines is your go-to destination. Find your favorite Italian red wine online with ease. Order now and elevate your wine experience. 

Varieties of Italian Red Wines in Singapore are available through Benchmark Wines 

From the mesmerizing lake town of Lombardy to the high terrain of Valle d’Aosta, Italian red wines hail from various regions across the country. This diversity ensures there’s always something new to try with Italian red wines. Explore our online catalog to find a variety of Italian red wines in Singapore and discover your favorite. These are among the best red wine Singapore. 

Buy Italian Red Wines – Best Red Wines from Italy 

Italian red wines stand at the pinnacle of the wine pyramid, boasting high sales and preferences across several countries. Despite their slightly higher price, they make up for it with a distinct taste and balanced texture. Order your bottle of quality Italian red wine at Benchmark Wines and savor the excellence. 

Why Benchmark Wines is Best Italian Red Wine Shop in Singapore? 

Fast delivery, authentic quality assured Italian red wine, and a hassle-free online buying experience make us the best Italian red wine sellers in Singapore. To buy Italian wine online, simply visit our website, choose from our selection of Italian red wines, and place your order. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is a good Italian wine red?  

Sangiovese stands out as one of the best Italian red wines. It is delicious, has a balanced alcohol level, and blends easily on any occasion. 

Which red wine is best for beginners?  

Merlot is an ideal choice for beginners, being balanced in every manner, less sour, and perfect for various occasions. 

More in Italian Red Wine from Benchmark Wines 

  • To pop open your favorite bottle of Italian red wine, simply use the high quality, easy to use, dual pronged cork opener by Benchmark Wines. 
  • Save your money while shopping Italian red wines by investing in hand-curated mixed cases of wine offered by Benchmark Wines rather than individually buying wine bottles at MRP. Now go and buy mixed wine cases online at our store. 
  • Shop Italian red wines in buy large format wine available in magnum of wine and double magnum sizes to enjoy bigger portions of wine and even bigger savings on your purchase. 
  • All our Italian red wines are also available in the form of natural wine Singapore that are made with sustainable practices, that means, easy on the planet, easy on your health.