Cape Mentelle

Cape Mentelle has more than 150 hectares of its own vines crosswise over four vineyards inside the Margaret River district. Essential plantings are cabernet  sauvignon, semillon and sauvignon  blanc, with littler measures of shiraz, chardonnay, merlot, cabernet franc and zinfandel.

A spearheading soul combined with learning and comprehension of sound viticultural hone prompted the foundation of this 16 hectare vineyard in the mid 1970’s. The fundamental viticultural standards of soil, site and assortment, or for this situation ‘assortments’, have made quality and consistency past all desires, as prove by the notorious Cape Mentelle Cabernet Sauvignon. Choosing pruning is conveyed by turn in the Wallcliffe Vineyard, to give the most extreme regard to these vines and to guarantee proceeded with creation of the crisp, lively and a la mode wines that have turned into the trademark of Cape Mentelle.

Assortments planted at Wallcliffe are sauvignon blanc, semillon, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, zinfandel and shiraz and these vines have given source material to new pieces as the vineyard has extended. The site has the advantage of plentiful water and great profound gravelly soils. It is protected by encompassing shrub and fanned by delicate south-westerly breezes. The east-west introduction of the lines was initially thought to give security from winning breezes, yet in a few seasons this introduction requires reasonable leaf culling to try and out readiness.

The three cabernet sauvignon squares are stick pruned. Column dividing is for the most part 3 m, with 1.5 to 1.8 m vine dispersing with overwhelmingly vertical shoot situating trellising. There is some shrubbery vine zinfandel. Another murmur of action from the basement, mixing reds from the past vintage, exchanging red wines from the current vintage into oak, packaging and the fervor of the pending new discharges. Bud burst on the vines starts the following cycle of development.

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