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Benchmark Wines Cepa 21 ‘Hito 2018

Cepa 21 ‘Hito’ 2018

Benchmark WInes Cepa 21 ‘Cepa 21 2016

Cepa 21 ‘Cepa 21’ 2016

Benchmark Wines Cepa 21 ‘Hito 2018

Cepa 21 ‘Hito’ 2018 (1500ml – Magnum)


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Nearly 20 years ago, José Moro and siblings, the third generation of the family wine cellar Emilio Moro, started up an ambitious project that would set up the basis of modern wine making in Ribera del Duero. The Cepa 21’s original objective was to produce, using tempranillo grapes as the main ingredient, wines that were based on wine making tradition and the region’s own terroir, but according to modern new trends. All in all, pure breed wines for consumers from the twenty first century.

Cepa 21 is born with the mission of taking advantage of the knowledge acquired through three generations to create harmonious and excellent wines of a unique personality.

Cepa 21 project has a vision: to position our wines as a world reference by getting the most out of their characteristics and of the unique environment where they are created.