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Clarendon Hills

Clarendon Hills are vineyard and varietal expressionists taking a stab at immaculateness and flawlessness. We are devoted to single vineyard terroir wines that opponent the best on the planet.

Clarendon Hills is a little family run winery situated in Clarendon, South Australia. The organization, established by natural chemist Roman Bratasiuk in 1990 is  claimed and managed by the self-educated winemaking proprietor. Thought about to some degree a nonconformist inside the Australian business, Roman is a man fixated by the colossal wines of the world. This energy impelled him towards winemaking as he looked to make wines for himself in the style he delighted in most, from multiple points of view affected by his most loved makers and assortments. Spellbound by the effect a designation fashions, Roman never veered off from his way in passing on varietal articulation.

Old, low yielding single vineyards based the recipe for passing on feeling of place and varietal articulation; Clarendon and its encompassing locale offered both decision of sizeable old vine 80-90 year old packages yet topographically and geologically differed territory. This was a point that was completely one of a kind inside Australia at the time. The developing of one specific wine snatched the world’s consideration. 1994 was year Astralis was conceived. In spite of the fact that, the wine had stayed unaltered from the 1990, 91, 92 and 93 Clarendon Hills Shiraz 

Roman saw more in this wine than everybody. Subsequently it was re-marked it to Astralis (Oxford Dictionary: relating to the stars) reflecting he and spouse Sue’s supposition that it was ‘wild’. The wine was a moment achievement.