Our Cellar is located in picturesque Nagambie and is the home of our world famous wines: Baptista, Maranoa and Three Centuries, etc…

Descending the winding staircase you enter the original 1872 winery cellar, the ideal location to taste our classic wines.

David Traeger began his working life in the Australian wine industry in late 1973 and established his own wine business in 1986, being the culmination of a desire that grew while working as a winemaker for both major and smaller wine companies, however the eponynomous “ David Traeger “ brand is no longer part of the scene.

Re-established as a small independent winemaker, his aim is to produce limited volumes of elegant and distinctive wines, working with grapes from vineyards that attain the finest of fruit character

David Traeger learned much during his years as assistant winemaker at Mitchelton and knows Central Victoria well. The red wines are solidly crafted, the Verdelho interesting and surprisingly long lived. In 2002 the business was acquired by the Dromana Estate group, but David Traeger continues as winemaker.

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