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Grant Burge

Grant Burge, a fifth-generation Barossa vigneron, stands as a revered and innovative force in the Australian wine industry. Explore the rich history of the Burge family, deeply intertwined with winemaking since John Burge’s immigration to the Barossa in March 1855. Grant Burge’s winemaking philosophy is rooted in the belief that fine wine is born in the vineyards, emphasizing the importance of the right varieties, soils, and vine management for premium quality fruit.

Grant Burge Wines – A Legacy of Excellence

History and Heritage

Grant Burge, descendant of a winemaking legacy, inherits a passion dating back to 1855 when John Burge first arrived in Barossa. Meshach, John’s son, continued the tradition and passed on his love for viticulture to future generations. Percival, Meshach’s first-born, established the Wilsford Winery in 1928, setting the stage for Grant Burge’s journey into winemaking.

Wine Philosophy

“Fine wines are born in the vineyards, and the vineyards are the cradle of wine quality.” – Grant Burge

Grant’s commitment to quality is evident in his winemaking philosophy. By cultivating the right varieties in optimal soils and managing vines for low to moderate yields, he ensures the production of premium quality fruit. The combination of the best terroirs, climate, and winemaking techniques results in exceptional wines that reflect the essence of Barossa vineyards.

Barossa: A Winemaking Haven

The Barossa, renowned globally for its premium table wines, features two distinct valleys. The Barossa Valley floor, with its rich, red-brown alluvial soils, is ideal for red wine grape cultivation. Contrasting this is the high-altitude Eden Valley, boasting rocky, acidic soils suitable for cold climate viticulture. Grant Burge, deeply connected to the land, serves as an ambassador and caretaker of the Barossa.

Grant Burge’s Commitment

“This business is in my blood. I have a strong winemaking heritage, and I want to hand down my knowledge.” – Grant Burge

Grant Burge’s dedication goes beyond winemaking; he is committed to preserving the Barossa legacy. Personally overseeing all aspects of wine production, from vineyard management to winemaking procedures, he ensures the longevity of exceptional wines from Chardonnay wine to GB19 Sauv Blanc for generations to come.

One popular product involves Grant Burge Pearl Sauvignon Blanc from Adelaide Hills along with Filsell 2016

You must experience the excellence of Grant Burge wines, a true representation of Barossa’s diverse and premium grape-growing district.