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Benchmark Wines-Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc 2019

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Greywacke Winery: A Legacy of Excellence 

Greywacke Winery, nestled in the heart of Marlborough’s Omaka Valley, New Zealand, stands as a beacon of quality and innovation in the world of winemaking. Founded in 2009 by Kevin Judd, a distinguished former Cloudy Bay winemaker, and his wife Kimberley, the winery draws its name from the region’s abundant bedrock, the greywacke. Renowned for its world-class wines, Greywacke Winery has garnered international acclaim for its commitment to crafting wines of exceptional quality and character. 

Apart from Greywacke, we have other New Zealand wine including New Zealand rose wine, New Zealand white wine, etc. This includes grapes like New Zealand Pinot Noir, New Zealand Chardonnay, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wine, and New Zealand Viognier. 

The Renowned Winemaker and His Vision to create Greywacke Wine 

Kevin Judd, acclaimed winemaker and prominent wine industry photographer, brings decades of expertise and passion to Greywacke Wine production. With a profound understanding of Marlborough’s terroir and varietals, Judd’s vision is to produce wines that capture the essence of the region while pushing the boundaries of tradition. His dedication to quality and craftsmanship has established Greywacke as a leading name in New Zealand’s wine industry. 

The Distinctive Greywacke Wines Portfolio 

At the heart of Greywacke Winery’s portfolio lies a commitment to two signature varietals: Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir red wine. Embracing Marlborough’s terroir and climate, the winery produces these varieties in two distinctly different styles, each reflecting the region’s unique characteristics. Alongside these flagship wines, Greywacke also offers limited releases of Greywacke Chardonnay wine, Riesling wine, Pinot Grigio, and other blends, showcasing the versatility and diversity of Marlborough’s terroir. We offer a wide variety of Greywacke wine varieties. The Greywacke wine tasting notes are also very popular among wine enthusiasts. 

Craftsmanship and Minimal-Intervention Winemaking 

Greywacke Winery’s winemaking philosophy is rooted in a commitment to minimal intervention, allowing the grapes to express their true character and terroir. Hand-picked with care, the grapes undergo bench pressing before fermentation in French Oak barrels. This meticulous approach ensures wines of exceptional concentration, flavor, and balance, with wild yeast fermentations adding layers of complexity and texture to the final product. Greywacke wine review and Greywacke wine ratings have proven to be the best in time. 

Benchmark Wines is tied up with many popular wineries, to name a few: Maison Q, Spring Seed Wine, Bocelli Winery, Grant Burge, and Cloudy Bay. 

Where to Experience Greywacke Wines: Benchmark Wines 

For enthusiasts seeking to explore the allure of Greywacke Wines, Benchmark Wines offers a curated selection of these renowned New Zealand wines. We offer them at the best Greywacke wine price. With a commitment to authenticity and integrity, Benchmark Wines provides a platform to discover and enjoy Greywacke’s exquisite portfolio. Elevate your wine experience and embark on a journey through Marlborough’s terroir with Greywacke Winery and a popular wine shop Singapore, Benchmark Wines. Cheers to exceptional wines and unforgettable moments!