Chateau Maris is located in the Languedoc region in the south of France. Managed by the winemaker Robert Eden, we produce fresh, balanced and high quality organic and biodynamic wines.
The building in which we make all our wines, the chai, is environmentally efficient, with zero carbon emission.

It is a ‘vegetable’ building using only renewable raw materials – hemp lime bricks supported on a wooden structure – and therefore completely recyclable.

Hemp bricks, unlike concrete or metal, are ‘alive’ and able to breathe. They maintain temperature and humidity at a constant level on their own. The chai needs neither ventilation nor any heating or cooling system. The bricks emit no hazardous gases, dust allergens or static electricity.

The hemp bricks will passively consume CO2 over 20 to 25 years as the lime solidifies into limestone. The plants growing on the winery roof will also help to offset any emissions from the winemaking process.

The timber structure at the heart of the building, meanwhile, is from certified managed forests that capture and store carbon.

The site of the cellar was chosen because of its good energy, nearby is a Visigoth chapel (which is being restored). Robert asked a dowser to investigate it and there was such a huge force that their hands were literally shaking when they came out of the chapel. The lay of the land also meant that the cellar could be pushed against a bank and covered with a grass roof that integrates perfectly into the existing landscape.

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