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Maison Aux Lorettes ‘Pour Amelie’ Blaye Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux Rouge 2019 – Organic (No sulphites)


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The Popular Maison Wine by Maison aux Lorettes Winery 

Maison aux Lorettes: Organic and Biodynamic Wines in Bordeaux 

Nestled amidst the sun-soaked rolling hills on the north side of the Gironde estuary in the Blaye-Côtes de Bordeaux appellation lies Maison Q wines, a captivating estate dedicated to crafting exceptional organic, biodynamic, and natural wine Singapore. 

About Maison Q Winery 

Founded in the 1940s by the de Lambert family, Maison Q vineyard or Maison aux Lorettes has been passed down through generations, with each custodian adding their unique touch and respect for the land. Today, the estate is overseen by the passionate and dedicated winemakers Florence and Dominique Mitjavile, who have significantly contributed to its rise as a leading producer of natural wines in the Bordeaux region among the popular Bordeaux wine. 

Maison Q: A Commitment to Organic and Biodynamic Practices 

Maison wine collection is deeply committed to organic and biodynamic viticulture. Their philosophy revolves around preserving the natural balance of the ecosystem, promoting biodiversity, and nurturing healthy and resilient vines. This translates into practices like: 

  • No synthetic pesticides or herbicides: The use of harmful chemicals is strictly avoided, ensuring the purity and quality of the grapes. 
  • Biodynamic preparations: These natural substances are applied to stimulate the soil’s life and enhance the vine’s vitality. 
  • Cover crops: These are planted between the vine rows to improve soil health, suppress weeds, and attract beneficial insects. 
  • Manual labor: Hand-harvesting ensures the highest quality grapes are selected and minimizes damage to the vines. 

This unwavering commitment to organic and biodynamic practices yields exceptional results. The grapes grown at Maison wine varieties are bursting with flavor and vibrancy, reflecting the health and natural balance of the vineyard. 

A Focus on Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon 

The flagship wines of Maison wine selections are predominantly crafted from Merlot wine and Cabernet Sauvignon, two of Bordeaux’s most celebrated grape varietals. These varietals thrive in the estate’s unique terroir, characterized by clay-limestone soils and a maritime climate. The resulting wines are elegant, complex, and age-worthy, showcasing the true potential of organic and biodynamic viticulture. 

Beyond Bordeaux 

While deeply rooted in the traditions of Bordeaux, Maison wine labels is also venturing into unexplored territories. Their “Pour Amélie” range features innovative blends that push the boundaries of traditional Bordeaux styles. These wines are expressive, fruit-forward, and perfect for everyday enjoyment. 

Whether you are a seasoned Bordeaux enthusiast or a curious explorer of natural wines, Maison wine tasting offers a compelling experience. Their dedication to quality, commitment to sustainability, and innovative spirit make them a rising star in the world of wine. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Maison aux Lorettes 

Q: How can I purchase wines from Maison aux Lorettes? 

A: You can purchase wines from Maison aux Lorettes through the biggest wine delivery Singapore network, Benchmark Wines. 

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