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Oliverhill 'Jimmy Section' Shiraz 2004 (3000ml Double Magnum)-0

Oliverhill ‘Jimmy Section’ Shiraz 2004 (3000ml Double Magnum)

Oliverhill 'Jimmy Section' Shiraz 2006 (3000ml Double Magnum)-0

Oliverhill ‘Jimmy Section’ Shiraz 2006 (3000ml Double Magnum)

Oliverhill 'Jimmy Section' Shiraz 2003 (3000ml Double Magnum)-0

Oliverhill ‘Jimmy Section’ Shiraz 2003 (3000ml Double Magnum)


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The Oliverhill vineyard produces an average of 3 tonnes to the acre, the vines are hand spur-pruned, and the fruit is hand-picked determined by flavour. The fruit is crushed-destemmed into 3 tonne open fermenters. The Shiraz is inoculated with Lalvin Syrah or D245 yeast. Han-plunging takes place four times a day or more. The wine is fermented to dryness on skins, average 12-14 days. It is then basket pressed, into tank, and left overnight to settle, then into barrels, typically one-third new, one-third one-year-old, and one-third two-year-old French barriques. Barrels are a combination of Sirugue, Nadalie and A.P. John. Malolactic fermentation takes place in barrel, the wine then racked three times over 12-18 months. The wine is then coarse-filtered, sulphured, and bottled. All processes take place on premise.

Stuart Miller is the winemaker and caretaker of the vineryard: this is truly a hands on winery where every step pf production from vineyard to bottling is overseen by Stuart himself. His family is involved in all stages of the process, picking grapes, pruning vines, bottling, packaging and more.

Oliverhill was established in the early 1970s and the Miller family moved in the early 1990.