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In March 2008 the Redman family celebrated 100 years of winemaking in Coonawarra. The ’08 vintage also marked the arrival of Daniel, fourth-generation Redman winemaker. Daniel gained winemaking experience in Central Victoria, the Barossa Valley and the US before taking up his new position. It was felicitous timing, for the ’04 Cabernet Sauvignon and ’04 Cabernet Merlot were each awarded a gold medal from the national wine show circuit in ’07,the first such accolades for a considerable time. A major vineyard rejuvenation program is underway, but there will be no change to the portfolio of wines. The quality has stabilised at a level in keeping with the long-term history of the winery

About – Benchmark Redman Wines Online

History in a bottle – yes, that’s what Redman Wines Singapore is to the admirers of wine with a hint of ancestry.

Redman collects it’s accolades from the exquisite old-school vintage taste that many love to reminisce about. Hand Pruned from grapes dating back to over four decades, everything about the Redman Wines Singapore is exquisite. The home to this luscious wine is the Redman family, who resides amidst the elegance of Coonawarra – a historic town celebrated for its red soil and wine.

If you love wine, you will adore the Redman wine and we at Benchmark Wines deliver it straight to you from the heart of its origins.

Buy Redman Wines Singapore: Quality and Speciality

No, we don’t want you to travel to Coonawarra to get your hands on an authentic bottle of Redman Wines – let us take care of that. When you buy a redman wine online in Singapore from us, you find your glass filled to the brim with the original taste from the Redman family. As you whirl the glass slowly between your fingers, you can feel the music that winemakers played while hand pruning the grapes. We do not just deliver a bottle but an experience right at your doorstep when you buy redman wine singapore through us.

A couple of clicks and you can shop your favorite redman wine online.

Why Choose Us?

We are a redman wines Singapore online merchant that believe in delivering only the best to you. We practice transparency and relish the feeling of bringing each label of Redman wines from its origin directly to you, unhindered, when you buy redman wine online Singapore for us. We are competitively priced and make sure you don’t have to pay a penny extra than what you need to.
Redman wines are history in a bottle, and we maintain the highest of standards in every delivery we make. A sip of the Redman wine delivered by us will make you travel back in time. Isn’t that enough a reason to order a bottle right now?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Redman wines made?

Redman wines are one of the oldest names in the winemaking business with over 110 years under their belt. The origin of the Redman wine travels to the town of Coonawarra where the Redman family first commenced their winemaking business and curated the first batch of Redman bottles.

Why choose redman wines Singapore online

We deliver the authentic taste of the Redman wine right at your doorstep. With fast delivery and the ability to order round the clock, we leave no stones unturned in helping you with the best service of wine.

Is Redman wine red?

Yes, the red color of the Redman is also symbolic of the red soil that is found in Coonawarra town where it’s manufactured.

How fast can you deliver Redman wine?

Once you place an order, we can deliver Redman wine at your doorsteps between 2 and 4 working days. We don’t want to hold you long from your favorite drink. So, we try to be as fast as possible.

Is Redman wine good?

Redman Wines is one of the oldest and most beloved wines by people across the globe. It’s vintage and old school.