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Rusden ‘Black Guts’ Shiraz 2008

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Rusden ‘Black Guts’ Shiraz 2007


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We believe that we are custodians of the land. Our job is to care for it as best we can and pass it down from one generation to the next. We also pass down the traditions that were taught to us by our forebears. We tend the vineyard by hand, and more recently as our winery has grown, we adhere to traditional methods in the cellar. Our focus is on traditional Barossa varieties and blends, however we are not afraid to give different varieties a go as Australia’s wine industry is still in its infancy. We are caretakers of the land, shepherding our vines through the seasons and the wine they produce through our cellar.

Our vineyard is in Vine Vale; our terroir is deep white sand over red clay. We believe that Vine Vale is the most versatile and consistent grape growing district on the Barossa Valley floor

The Rusden name is synonymous with quality and is unique in the way it operates. The vineyard and winery is 100% family owned and the wines made on-site. The Rusden brand is comprised of ten wines; each made using the same traditional methods, producing small batches of the highest quality wine, indicative of the Vine Vale terroir.