Reward Points

How do I earn Reward Points? A few simple rules.

1. For every $100.00 spent, you receive 14 Reward Points (Equal to $14.00)
2. That is equal to a 14% rebate on any future purchase before GST is applied
3. 1 Reward Point = SGD$ 1.00
4. You can, AT MOST, redeem Reward Points equal to 50% of your checkout total on each purchase
5. Reward Points do NOT last forever. Reward Points expire 90 days* from the date of issue
6. Every customer is notified by an automated email (10) days prior to any Reward Points expiring
7. Benchmark Wines reserves the right to suspend the issuance of Reward Points on special offers or promotions.

* – Benchmark Wines reserves the right to issue Reward Points with less than 90 days
for marketing purposes and incentives. 

OK, I earned them, so how do I spend them?

A few easy steps ensure that you always use your points efficiently. When you check out be sure to do the following.
(This setting will be kept until you change it in the future)

A – ‘Tick’ the ‘Spend your points as per the image below
B – Move the slider bar all the way to the RIGHT to ensure that MAXIMUM points are used on every purchase.
This will ensure that you redeem Reward Points up to 50% of your shopping cart total

Now you are set. Every time you shop your Reward Points will be applied to your purchase.