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6 Best Wines to Try with Your Boo – Valentine’s Day Special 

If you are reading this blog right now, we already know two things about you: a) you are an oenophile and b) you love your boo. 

And you know what, we also know that you don’t like taking a chance when it comes to both – your best wines and your best bae.  

With spending of 23.9 billion U.S. dollars alone on Valentine’s Day 2022 and the same expected to increase in coming years, we know how important Valentine’s Day is for lovers.  

So, with that in mind, we would like to welcome you to the most-researched blog of wines wherein we have personally explored some really amazing wines – specially to light up that romance between you and your beau this Valentine’s.  

And don’t worry, we are going to cover it all – from organic wines to Italian red wines – all.  

Dive in to discover the best wines for your date night.

Benchmark Wines In Singapore
Valentine’s Day Special

1. Tim Adams ‘Schaefer’ Shiraz 2015 

Tim Adams ‘Schaefer’ Shiraz 2015 is a full-bodied and rich red wine that is produced in South Australia. It is made from the Shiraz grape variety and has a deep, dark purple colour. The nose is filled with intense dark fruit aromas such as blackberry and black cherry, with hints of spice and vanilla that ooze up that long-due romance. The tannins are firm and well-structured, providing a long and satisfying finish. This is one of the best wines for those who enjoy bold and full-flavoured red wines. 

Grapes: Shiraz 

Colour: Deep dark purple  

Country: Australia 

Aroma: Red wine that has aromas and flavours of dark red cherries, plums, and red berry fruits. 

Food Pairing with wine: Roasted beef, or Cheddar cheese. 

Alcohol Content: 14.5% 

Palate: The wine is juicy and has flavours of black fruit, chocolate, and spice 

Tim Adams Schaeffer Shiraz
Tim Adams Schaeffer Shiraz

2. Paxton Organic Rose 2021

Paxton Organic Rose 2021 is an organic wine and is a blend of Shiraz and Grenache that was produced utilizing the Paxton’smart farming’ approach, which prioritizes soil health and biodiversity. Fruits are fresh and flavorful, indicating a well-maintained vineyard. Winemaker Richard Freebairn intended for this wine to have a pleasant, crisp taste. A delightful rosé with floral raspberry scents and flavours.

Grape: Shiraz and Grenache

Colour: Peach or Pink shade of orange

Country: Australia

Aroma: Ripe black fruits, liquorice and spice

Food Pairing: With food, or on its own as an aperitif

Alcohol: 13.5%

Palate: Rich and complex with a long finish


3. Ch. d’Escals ‘Whispering Angel’ Rose 2021

Ch. d’Escals ‘Whispering Angel’ Rose 2021 Ch. d’Escals ‘Whispering Angel’ Rose 2021 is a popular rose wine produced by Chateau d’Esclans, a winery located in the Provence region of France. This wine is known for its fresh, crisp, and delicate flavours, making it a popular choice for those looking for a light and refreshing drink with their partner after a long day full of hustle-bustle and to develop a true wine connection with another.

Grape: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Carignan, Vermentino

Colour: Light pink

Country: France

Aroma: Bright red fruit, floral perfumed and lively mineral notes.

Food Pairing with wine: Salad, Shellfish, Poultry

Palate: Good concentration of ripe berry juice, bone-dry, lively mineral notes with a long persistent finish.

Ch. d’Escals ‘Whispering Angel’ Rose 2021
Ch. d’Escals ‘Whispering Angel’ Rose 2021

4. Bocelli Family Wines ‘Rosso di Toscano’ Sangiovese’ IGT 2017

Bocelli Family Wines ‘Rosso di Toscano’ Sangiovese’ IGT 2017 is one of the best Italian wines produced with the prized Sangiovese grape of Tuscany. This Sangiovese is an outstanding example of the Bocelli family’s dedication and skill. The fruit is succulently rich and smoky, with hints of marasca cherry, granite, and rhubarb compote; it comes from grapes that were hand-harvested from some of Morellino’s finest vineyards making it an ideal choice to gift to your partner. The finish is lengthy and dry, just how it should be, and the wine’s impressive acidity makes the palate tight and enjoyable. 

Grapes: Sangiovese 

Colour: Red wine 

Country: Italy 

Aroma: White – Fruity & Smooth 

Food Pairing: penne pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil, steak and parmesan cheese. 

Alcohol Content: 13% 

Bocelli Family Wines ‘Rosso di Toscano’ Sangiovese’ IGT 2017
Bocelli Family Wines ‘Rosso di Toscano’ Sangiovese’ IGT 2017

5. Paxton Organic Preservative Free ‘NOW’ Chardonnay 2021

Preservative-free, all-natural organic wines have been meeting rising demand from consumers. Paxton, being the industry leader in organic manufacturing, had to have a product in this space. We wanted to expand our Chardonnay offerings to include not just Natural, PF, and Organic varieties, but also a youthful, drink-now variety. For this, Paxton Organic Preservative Free ‘NOW’ Chardonnay 2021 is the perfect offering to justify your love towards your babe and organic choices.

Grapes: Chardonnay

Country: Australia

Pairing Food: This wine would be a great pairing for seafood or chicken dishes.

Palate: It is fresh and lively with mineral notes and a long finish.

Bocelli Family Wines ‘Rosso di Toscano’ Sangiovese’ IGT 2017
Bocelli Family Wines ‘Rosso di Toscano’ Sangiovese’ IGT 2017

6. Bocelli Family Wines Prosecco DOC N.V.

Bocelli Family Wines Prosecco DOC N.V. is a refreshing sparkling wine to sip if you are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This Prosecco is crafted entirely from Glera grapes, and it boasts a light, floral, citrusy fragrance. Being from the finest wine regions in Italy, this Italian wine will be a hit at your next cookout because of its light flavour and refreshing quality.  

Grape: 100% Glera grapes

Country: Italy

Food Pairings: Pairs well with appetizers, seafood, and poultry dishes

Alcohol: 11%

Palate: Has notes of fresh citrus and stone fruits. It is light and refreshing with a creamy mouthfeel

Bocelli Family Wines Prosecco DOC N.V.
Bocelli Family Wines Prosecco DOC N.V.

Final note…

That’s all for today. We feel extremely excited to know that you are going to try one of these wines and make it all special on Valentine’s. Yes, that’s another thing we know about you! 

In case you are wondering where to buy wine in Singapore, then you may feel excited to know that now you can get the best wines delivered right to your doorstep without having to leave your beau for a minute.

We hope you have a great Valentine’s.

Italian Wine

Keeping Up with the Recent Trends in Italian Wine Industry 

With more than perfect viticulture and the existence of wine dating back to 4,000 years, Italian wines steal all the light and height in the wine production industry.

Did you know that:

  • Ancient Greeks named Italy “the land of wine”
  • Italy is the world’s largest producer of wine
  • There are more than 2000 varieties of grapes in Italy

And, the list can go on and on as we try to emphasize the strong suit of the Italian wine industry.

The best part of the Italian wine industry is that though it is backed by classic history, it is continually evolving on a daily basis to incorporate modern, state-of-the-art updates, bringing absolute perfection to our dining tables.

So, without any further ado, let’s quickly see what trends we can expect to see in this wine-giant industry in 2023.

Italian Wine
Buy Italian Wines

Exploring the non-alcoholic options

Ever since the world saw its first low and no-alcohol movement, there has been a significant impact on the alcohol manufacturing and consumption industry, and the wine industry, including the Italian wine industry, has been far away from the trend.

However, ISWR recently predicted a CAGR growth of 17.7% in the low/no-alcohol wine industry which points out the fair possibilities of non-alcoholic wines.

According to Channel News Asia, the accumulated sales of non-alcoholic spirits, beers, and wines rose by 33.2% globally in 2022 including countries like Singapore.

Though, for the longest period of time, the Italian wine industry have been away from low and no-alcohol wines, with the latest data trends and future forecasts by big stakeholders, we expect to see an increasing experiment of the same in the Italian wine industry.

Incorporating new packaging options

Even a few couples of years back, even the best Italian wine brands stuck to the traditional glass bottle packaging for their wines.

The recent traction of worldwide consumers towards sustainability has not left the wine-packaging industry alone as an enlightened consumer expect companies to reduce their carbon footprints (which generally come from their glass bottle) along with an interest in lightweight packaging. In the same light, some other packaging options involve biodegradable, 100% recyclable bottles, and wine cans. Screw caps are also expected to replace traditional cork caps.

Though we do not expect a complete replacement of the traditional glass wine bottles in the Italian wine industry anytime soon, we can’t ignore the amounts of segments of the market that are expecting something different. Hence, it is highly likely to see wine producers coming up with different packaging to satisfy their consumers.

Italian Wine
Italian Wines

The insatiable demand for variety

The recent covid-19 outbreak has led to changes in the world in an uncountable number including the mealtime habits of consumers. While the consumers’ wine consumption habit of the consumers was only limited to the options given on the menu, due to a shift of lifestyle in the covid, they are now curious to try the different options of wine. This indicates an increasing shift towards variety.

While consumers already have a huge variety of Italian wines, they are expecting to taste something new other than what they have had in the past. Explorative consumers like these are expecting the producers to go above and beyond to give them a variety of tastes in wine.

Taking the digital leap

The biggest industries have been seeing digital disruption and so does the wine-making industry. By saying digital disruption, we mean selling wine online leveraging the eCommerce business format (for example – Benchmark Wines) so that consumers can enjoy doorstep delivery of their favorite wines.

Consider this example:

Let’s say you search “buy wine online Singapore” on Google; it will show a number of online wine retailers on Google My Business. 

Going a little out of the way, the lockdown also saw wine producers using digital technology to keep their consumers engaged amidst the difficult times. Some common affairs involved:

  • Digital wine events
  • Online wine-tasting sessions
  • Virtual wine tours

Sustainability is becoming more prevalent

Nowadays, users throughout the world are favoring brands that use sustainable practices in their production methods given the growing awareness of the environment.

The Italian wine industry has been making efforts to increase sustainability in recent years. This includes practices such as reducing chemical inputs, promoting biodiversity, and implementing more efficient production methods. Many wineries have also begun to use renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to power their operations. Some wine regions in Italy have been granted certifications for sustainable wine production, such as the “Sostenibilità in Vigna” certification in Tuscany.

Italian wine
Italian Wine Wineyards

The trend also follows booming demand for organic wines as the global market for organic wine is forecasted to grow to USD 21.1 Billion by 2030 and the same goes for the Italian wine industry. These wines are produced using organic grapes and are free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. This approach to winemaking is more environmentally friendly and is believed to produce wines with a more authentic taste and character. Some of the most popular organic wines produced in Italy include Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, and Barolo. These wines are becoming more popular among consumers and are now more widely available in both offline and online wine stores, making them more accessible to the general public.

Increasing emphasis on customer engagement

The Italian wine industry is placing an increasing emphasis on customer engagement in order to better understand the needs and preferences of consumers. This includes using social media and digital marketing techniques to connect with customers, as well as hosting events and tastings to provide an immersive and interactive experience.

One example of this is the use of virtual reality technology, which allows customers to experience vineyards and wineries from the comfort of their own homes. This has become particularly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it allows customers to continue to engage with Italian wine brands despite restrictions on travel and in-person events.

Additionally, many Italian wine producers are focusing on building relationships with customers through personalized experiences, such as private tours and tastings, as well as offering unique and exclusive wines to loyal customers.

This shift towards customer engagement is not only beneficial for customers, but also for the Italian wine industry as a whole. By understanding the needs and preferences of customers, the industry can better tailor its products and services to meet those needs, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and ultimately, greater success for the industry.

A price-conscious approach

Ever since the financial constraints took place in the pandemic, the buying behavior of consumers has shifted to budget quality wines resulting in a more price-conscious approach in the industry. The Italian wine industry is becoming more price-conscious as it looks to increase sales and reach new markets. However, this does not mean that the quality of Italian wines is being compromised. Instead, it means that wineries are becoming more efficient and innovative in their approach to producing and selling wines by: 

Focusing on producing value wines that offer good quality at a lower price point. These wines are often made from lesser-known grape varieties and sold under a different label than the winery’s flagship wines.

Expanding into new markets, such as Asia and South America, where consumers are more price-sensitive. This allows them to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

Incorporating sustainable practices to reduce costs and increase efficiency as mentioned above.

·Avoiding intermediaries to reduce costs, with the help of direct-to-consumer sales (selling wines through their own websites, wine clubs, and tasting rooms).

Italian Wine
Italian Wine

Summing up

The Italian wine industry is inviting innovation and experiments as it sees – the rapid intervention of technology, the shift in buying behavior of the consumers due to the pandemic, and the dynamic economic environment. However, the trends we have highlighted in this blog are not just limited to the Italian wine industry but are also expected to show effects in the global wine market and Italy being the epitome of the finest wineries, we hope to see these trends making a positive difference in the world of wines.

Love Italian wines? Do not miss reading our – 8 great Italian Red wines: Top Italian wine values 

8 great Italian Red wines: Top Italian wine values

8 great Italian wines you must try  

Italy has a high-end heritage in the world of wines. Recently it became the world’s leading producer of wine. No one can deny the utmost quality of Italian red wines and the well-deserved place it has in the entire industry.  The Italian wines span an assortment of styles & classifications. Whether you are searching for full-bodied bright red or vibrant white, the diverse Italian wines always have something to offer to everyone.  The fragrance & flavor of all wines speaks of the history, cultural landscape and also know how of individuals bound from the time immemorial. There is no table in Italy without the exotic wine & no food completed without a glass of wine. 

The below-mentioned eight great Italian wines are great to start with especially when you are a novice. These great Italian wines absolutely encapsulate what Italian wine is all about.   Let’s have a close look at some of the best Italian red wine in Singapore.

Bocelli Family wines “Poggioncino” 2015 

Benchmark Wines- Italian Red Wines
Italian Red Wine 1- Bocelli Family wines “Poggioncino” 2015

This wine has a ruby red color with purplish of highlights.  It is classic & a tastefully balanced wine that represents out the fruit aromas of cherries, ripe red berry fruit. This has been well integrated with the notes of sage along with black pepper. Its palate is truly ample, supple long with finish & after-taste.

Bocelli Family Wines Chianti 2018 

Italian Red Wine 2 - Bocelli Family Wines Chianti 2018
Italian Red Wine 2 – Bocelli Family Wines Chianti 2018 

The   Bocelli Family Wines Chianti 2018 features a deliciously vinous bouquet and the floral-fruity notes that it has led towards the finish of a spicy sense of delicious chocolate. It also imbibes the hints of sweet fruit. This versatile Chianti is suitable to be taken with any meal wherever red wine is being desired.  This exotic red wine is rich, deep & earthy as well with subtle hints of sweet fruit. 

 Bocelli Family Wines “ Rosso di Toscano” Sangiovese” IGT 2017

Italian Red Wine 3 -  Bocelli Family Wines “ Rosso di Toscano” Sangiovese” IGT 2017
Italian Red Wine 3 –  Bocelli Family Wines “ Rosso di Toscano” Sangiovese” IGT 2017

This red wine is being prepared from Tuscany’s noble varietal. It imbibes the passion & expertise of Bocelli’s family with the full display of its bright, lush along with most appealing of Sangiovese. The grapes used in its preparation are being hand-harvested from some top-notch sites in Morellino. The grapefruit is being deliciously ripe, smoky with notes of mascara cherry, granite & also rhubarb compote. The finish is long, dry with most admirable of acidity. This makes entire palate taunt & pleasing at the same time. 

Bocelli Family Wines “ in Canto” 2012 

Italian Red Wine 4 - Bocelli Family Wines “ in Canto” 2012
Italian Red Wine 4 – Bocelli Family Wines “ in Canto” 2012 

The in canto wine is dense, powerful & at the same time full of Cabernet Sauvignon that actually fills out the senses. There is just the production of a few hundred cases and each of the wine plants is being carefully being followed & pampered. Every bottle holds the utmost significance. The In canto expresses itself exceptionally well with its most genuine of characteristics.  

Giovanni Manzone” Rosserto” Langhe Rossesse Bianco 2016 

Italian Red Wine - Giovanni Manzone ‘Rosserto’ Langhe Rossese Bianco 2016
Italian Red Wine 5 – Giovanni Manzone ‘Rosserto’ Langhe Rossese Bianco 2016

This is 100 & white rossese and is a native wine variety that is being saved from getting extinct by Giovanni Manzone in their primitive family vineyard. This wine is being fermented & at the same time aged in oak for a period of 12 months with its own yeasts.  It has beautiful, tropic, and exotic aroma on the palate. The wine is refreshing, citrusy with an apparent weight from the time on lees. It is a true culinary wine with mild spiciness and an intriguing aromatic of profile. 

Giovanni Manzone “II Crutin” Langhe Nebbiolo 2017 

Italian Red Wine - Giovanni Manzone ‘Il Crutin’ Langhe Nebbiolo 2017
Italian Red Wine 6 – Giovanni Manzone ‘Il Crutin’ Langhe Nebbiolo 2017

II Crutin is prepared from 100% Nebbiolo sourced from wines of Castelletto & also Gramolere of vineyards located in Montforte d’ Alba.  

This wine is sweet, ripe, and bursting with red cherry juice with a dash of blue fruits. It also contains black tea with some warm baking of spices. However, this exotic wine is astonishingly light on the feet while being packed in flavor & balance of components.  

Giovanni Manzone Barbera d’ Alba Superiore “ La Marchesa” 2016 

Italian Red Wine- Giovanni Manzone Barbera d’Alba Superiore ‘La Marchesa’ 2016
Italian Red Wine 7 – Giovanni Manzone Barbera d’Alba Superiore ‘La Marchesa’ 2016

Barbera d’ Alba Superiore “ La Marchesa is a traditional variety of red wine and is being produced by the company Giovanni Manzone. This firm is situated in Montforte D’ Alba in the Langhe region.  The grapefruit, 100% Barbera are being picked up in the second half of the month of September. Aesthetically this particular wine has an extremely intense red ruby color with few violets of reflections after the aging process. It has fruity perfume with some clear of red fruits along with tobacco aromas. It tastes quite warm, soft with the greatest of balance as well as persistence.  

Giovanni Manzone Castelletto Barolo DOCG 2012 

Italian Red Wine - Giovanni Manzone Castelletto Barolo DOCG 2012
Italian Red Wine 8 – Giovanni Manzone Castelletto Barolo DOCG 2012

The 2012 Castelletto Barolo DOCG is yet another pretty wine from company, Giovanni Manzone.  With orange peel, rose petals, rosemary, star anise, mint, and also kirsch imparts this 2012 variant an exotic of quality that is extremely appealing. The 2012 Castelletto Barolo DOCG is already quite impressive & giving at the same time. It should drink quite well for another 15 to 20 years, or maybe more than that.