10 Grenache Wines You Wouldn't Want to Miss

10 Best Grenache Wines You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Renowned as Garnacha in Spain, Grenache gives rise to luscious red wines and rosés with deep ruby hues. Its origins lie in Spain, although the Southern Rhône Valley in France has also embraced and celebrated this grape variety.

Could you believe that Grenache plays a role in crafting some of the world’s priciest and most delectable wines? From revered areas like Châteauneuf-du-Pape to iconic Californian labels, Grenache stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Cabernet Sauvignon in the realm of wine significance.

Let’s see some of the really great Grenache wines that we are sure you would not want to miss.

The 10 Best Grenache Wines

1. Siete Pasos ‘El Prenda’ Crianza 2017 [Tempranillo-grenache]

Siete Pasos ‘El Prenda’ Crianza 2017 is a captivating blend of Tempranillo and Grenache grapes, resulting in a wine of remarkable depth and character. This Crianza showcases a harmonious balance between the robust flavors of Tempranillo and the fruity nuances of Grenache. The wine offers a bouquet of ripe berries, subtle spices, and a touch of oak, leading to a velvety finish. Produced by Bodega Siete Pasos, a distinguished winery known for its dedication to crafting wines that reflect the unique terroir of Spain, it stands as a testament to their commitment to quality and tradition.

`Siete Pasos ‘El Prenda’ Crianza 2017

2. Paxton ‘AAA’ Organic Shiraz-Grenache

The Paxton ‘AAA’ Organic Shiraz-Grenache is a true embodiment of sustainability and craftsmanship. This wine seamlessly blends the rich, peppery notes of Shiraz with the vibrant red fruit flavors of Grenache, creating a harmonious and expressive palate. What sets it apart is its organic origins – crafted with care by Paxton Wines, a renowned Australian winery with a strong commitment to organic and biodynamic practices. The ‘AAA’ represents the winery’s dedication to achieving the highest standards of quality, environmental responsibility, and flavor in every bottle.

Paxton ‘AAA’ Organic Shiraz-Grenache

3. Lienert Vineyards ‘Jack West’ G.S.M. 2020

The Lienert Vineyards ‘Jack West’ G.S.M. 2020 is a captivating blend of Grenache, Shiraz, and Mourvèdre that captures the essence of the vineyard’s terroir. This wine offers a symphony of flavors, combining the red fruit and floral notes of Grenache, the spicy richness of Shiraz, and the earthy depth of Mourvèdre. The result is a well-balanced and complex palate that evolves with each sip. Lienert Vineyards, known for their commitment to sustainable farming and traditional winemaking techniques, brings their expertise to the forefront with the ‘Jack West’ G.S.M., showcasing the unique character of their vineyard in every bottle.

Lienert Vineyards ‘Jack West’ G.S.M. 2020

4. Tim Smith Wines ‘Barossa Valley’ M.G.S. – Mataro-Grenache-Shiraz 2019

The Tim Smith Wines ‘Barossa Valley’ M.G.S. 2019 is a remarkable blend that combines the strengths of Mataro, Grenache, and Shiraz grapes, showcasing the essence of the Barossa Valley. This wine boasts a bold and complex flavor profile, featuring Mataro’s dark and earthy tones, Grenache’s red fruit vibrancy, and Shiraz’s rich spiciness. Tim Smith Wines, deeply rooted in the Barossa winemaking tradition, brings a modern touch to this blend, resulting in a wine that pays homage to the region’s heritage while embracing contemporary winemaking practices.

Mataro Grenache Shiraz 2019
Mataro-Grenache-Shiraz 2019

5. Greenock Creek ‘Moppa Springs’ Grenache 2020

The Greenock Creek ‘Moppa Springs’ Grenache 2020 is a showcase of the Grenache grape’s elegance and charm. This wine radiates with the essence of Moppa Springs, a special vineyard site known for producing wines with distinctive character. The Grenache varietal shines through, offering vibrant red fruit flavors, floral aromatics, and a touch of spice. Greenock Creek, a prestigious winery nestled in the heart of Barossa Valley, is celebrated for its commitment to crafting exceptional single-vineyard wines.

Greenock Creek ‘Moppa Springs’ Grenache 2020

6. Siete Pasos ‘El Importante’ Reserva 2016 Rioja [Tempranillo-grenache]

A distinguished blend of Tempranillo and Grenache grapes, Siete Pasos ‘El Importante’ Reserva 2016 Rioja is exemplifying the rich heritage of the Rioja region in Spain. This Reserva offers a captivating interplay between Tempranillo’s structured elegance and the Grenache’s expressive fruitiness. With notes of ripe berries, hints of oak, and a complex layering of flavors, it delivers a truly memorable tasting experience. The wine comes from the same Siete Pasos winery.

Siete Pasos ‘El Importante’ Reserva 2016

7. Stolpman Vineyards La Cuadrilla 2019

Stolpman Vineyards’ La Cuadrilla 2019 is a captivating expression of collaborative winemaking and the unique terroir of Santa Barbara County. This wine is a harmonious blend that may vary each vintage, crafted by the vineyard crew themselves – the skilled hands that tend to the vines year-round. With a composition that could include Syrah, Sangiovese, Grenache, and more, La Cuadrilla offers a dynamic flavor profile that celebrates the diversity of the plantings of Stolpman Vineyard.

Stolpman Vineyards La Cuadrilla 2019

8. Hutton Vale Farm Grenache-Mataro 2012

The Hutton Vale Farm Grenache-Mataro 2012 is a blend of Grenache and Mataro grapes and showcases the timeless appeal of Barossa Valley’s terroir. With the Grenache contributing red fruit vibrancy and the Mataro adding depth and structure, this wine offers a harmonious balance. Hutton Vale Farm, a historic and family-owned vineyard with a deep connection to the land, presents this blend as a reflection of their commitment to preserving tradition.

Hutton Vale Farm Grenache-Mataro 2012

9. Utopus ‘Barossa Valley’ M.S.G. – Mataro-Shiraz-Grenache 2019

The Utopus ‘Barossa Valley’ M.S.G. 2019 is a compelling fusion of Mataro, Shiraz, and Grenache grapes, echoing the essence of the iconic Barossa Valley. This blend offers a symphony of flavors, combining the earthy and aromatic qualities of Mataro, the bold and spicy characteristics of Shiraz, and the red fruit nuances of Grenache. The wine is from Utopus, a winery known for its innovative approach to winemaking and commitment to showcasing the best of Barossa.

Utopus ‘Barossa Valley’ M.S.G

10. Dom. Vieux Telegraphe ‘Telegramme’ Chateauneuf du Pape 2020

The Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe ‘Télégramme’ Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2020 is a creation of the historic winery Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe and is a distinguished wine that echoes the rich legacy of its renowned vineyard. This Châteauneuf-du-Pape blend offers a symphony of flavors, with Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre contributing to its complexity. The wine exudes a harmonious balance between red fruit, spiciness, and earthy notes, all characteristic of the Châteauneuf-du-Pape terroir.

Dom. Vieux Telegraphe ‘Telegramme’ Chateauneuf du Pape 2020

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That’s all about the best Grenache wines you will ever find. In case you just imagined yourself taking a gulp already, buy wine online with the best wine shop in Singapore, Benchmark Wines.

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Grenache Wine: Say Hi to the Sun-kissed

Grenache Wine: Say Hi to the Sun-kissed

If you’ve ever wondered why this grape has such a fancy French name (Grenache sounds like a swanky party you definitely want to be invited to), or if you’ve pondered how the Spanish origins of Grenache are cooler than a flamenco dance in the summer heat, you’re in for a treat.

Grenache – or as we like to call it, the “grown-up grape juice” – is ready to steal the spotlight.

Known for its rich, flavorful red wines and ruby-tinted rosés, Grenache has become a darling of wine enthusiasts worldwide that captivates our senses and transport us to sun-soaked vineyards.

Fun fact: Grenache is one of the most widely planted red wine grapes.

Let’s see what this Spain-loved got…

Grenache Wine

Grenache Wines: An Ode to Flavor

Grenache is a grape celebrated for its origins in Spain and flourishing in France’s Southern Rhône Valley.

What happens when you take that first sip of Grenache wine?

  • You will feel the rich notes of stewed strawberry and grilled plum, like a medley of ripe fruit plucked from sun-drenched orchards.
  • These flavors are artfully woven with subtle hints of leather, adding a touch of rustic charm to the experience.
  • As the wine unfurls, dried herbs make their presence known, invoking images of an herb garden kissed by the gentle breeze.
  • And just when you think it’s over, a burst of blood orange imparts a citrusy brightness that lingers.

The Taste Profile that Resonates

Grenache is a medium-full bodied wine, accompanied by medium tannins that provide a gentle structure. The medium acidity adds a refreshing touch, making it an ideal companion for various occasions. The alcohol content is often over 15% ABV which lends Grenache its boldness and warming character, a comforting embrace for those who seek depth in their wines.

Handling Grenache

It’s recommended to serve Grenache at a temperature between 60–68°F (15-20°C), allowing the intricate flavors to bloom and flourish.

When it comes to glass choice, a universal wine glass is your best companion, as it captures every nuance of the wine’s aromatic bouquet.

For those who appreciate the anticipation of flavors, a gentle decanting for about 30 minutes can work wonders. This practice allows the wine to breathe, revealing its layers gradually. However, don’t rush the process – Grenache is known for its patience in unfolding its charms.

The Culinary Pairs

Grenache wines are affinity for roasted meats and vegetables with Asian 5-spice and cumin. The interplay of flavors creates a sensorial experience that lingers long after the last bite, making every meal count.

Buying the Finest

In the bustling city-state of Singapore, where discerning palates seek the finest wines, Benchmark Wines stands tall as a beacon of quality and elegance. As one of the best wine shops in Singapore, Benchmark Wines is known for its vast wine collections from reputable family-owned wineries while also letting you buy wine online.

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