9 Viognier Wines That Are Darling to Benchmark Wines

9 Viognier Wines That Are Darling to Benchmark Wines

Viognier is a white wine grape known for satisfying wine enthusiasts looking for something different from the more common Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.

Viognier wines are not your everyday wine. It’s not the shy, wallflower cousin at the wine party; it’s more like the friend who arrives fashionably late, stealing the spotlight with a burst of aromatic charm.

Let’s show you the best Viognier wines available for purchase online, right here in Singapore.

9 Amazing Viognier Wines

1. Tahbilk ‘The Tower’ MVR – Marsanne-Viognier-Roussanne 2018

Our wine journey begins with the Tahbilk winery, a historic gem in Australia. Established in 1860, Tahbilk has a reputation for producing exceptional wines, and their ‘The Tower’ MVR is no exception. This Tahbilk ‘The Tower’ MVR – Marsanne-Viognier-Roussanne 2018 is a blend of Marsanne, Viognier, and Roussanne and offers a harmonious fusion of flavors, with the Viognier adding a touch of aromatic elegance.

Marsanne-Viognier-Roussanne 2018

2. Tahbilk Viognier 2019

Staying in the Tahbilk family, the Tahbilk Viognier 2019 is a testament to the winery’s dedication to the Viognier grape. With its fragrant bouquet and vibrant palate, this Viognier is a celebration of the varietal’s essence. Tahbilk’s commitment to quality shines through in every bottle.

Tahbilk Viognier 2019

3. Tahbilk Roussanne-Marsanne-Viognier 2017

Continuing our exploration of Tahbilk’s offerings, the Tahblisk Roussanne-Marsanne-Viognier 2017 showcases the winery’s expertise in blending and creating something that’s an exceptional craft. This wine, with its complex layers and well-balanced acidity, exemplifies Tahbilk’s mastery of creating harmonious wine blends.

Marsanne-Viognier 2017

4. Soumah ‘Single Vineyard Botrytis’ Viognier 2020

Let’s journey to Soumah, an Australian winery celebrated for its craftsmanship. The Soumah ‘Single Vineyard Botrytis’ Viognier 2020 is a sweet delight. The presence of botrytis, a noble root, lends this Viognier a luscious, honeyed character. It’s a testament to Soumah’s innovative winemaking techniques.

Soumah ‘Single Vineyard Botrytis’ Viognier 2020

5. Soumah ‘Hexham Vineyard’ Viognier 2018

Staying with Soumah, the Soumah ‘Hexham Vineyard’ Viognier 2018 showcase their commitment to single-vineyard expressions. This wine encapsulates the essence of the Hexham Vineyard, offering a unique taste of the terroir and the Viognier grape’s full potential.

Soumah ‘Hexham Vineyard’ Viognier 2018

6. Soumah ‘d’Soumah’ Tutto Bianco 2019

Another gem from Soumah, the Soumah ‘d’Soumah’ Tutto Bianco 2019, is a blend of Viognier and other white varietals. This wine reflects the winery’s dedication to crafting innovative blends that are both intriguing and delicious.

Soumah ‘d’Soumah’ Tutto Bianco 2019

7. Macaw Creek Organic Semillon-Viognier 2016

Our wine journey takes a sustainable twist with Macaw Creek. Among their many organic creations, they offer Macaw Creek Organic Semillon-Viognier 2016 which is not only a delightful Viognier blend but also a testament to the winery’s commitment to organic practices. It’s a sip of eco-conscious luxury.

Macaw Creek Organic Semillon-Viognier 2016

8. Misty Cove ‘Waihopai Limited Edition’ White Blend 2019

Heading over to New Zealand, we discover Misty Cove and their Misty Cove ‘Waihopai Limited Edition’ White Blend 2019. While not exclusively Viognier, this blend incorporates Viognier to add aromatic charm. Misty Cove is known for crafting wines that capture the essence of the Marlborough region.

Waihopai Limited Edition’ White Blend 2019

9. Tim Smith Wines ‘Eden Valley’ Viognier 2021

Our journey concludes with Tim Smith Wines and their ‘Eden Valley’ Viognier 2021. Tim Smith is renowned for his expertise with this varietal. This Viognier captures the pristine beauty of the Eden Valley, showcasing the winemaker’s dedication to the craft.

Tim Smith Wines ‘Eden Valley’ Viognier 2021

Summing up this guide, we hope that we satisfied your VEE-OWN-YAY knowledge cravings. The above-mentioned 9 Viognier wines are from the best family-owned wineries that are reputed for their expertise and knowledge in the wine making industry. If you are planning to buy wine online in Singapore, consider Benchmark Wines which is renowned as one of the best wine shops in Singapore.

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From Near-Extinction to Palate Perfection: Viognier

From Near-Extinction to Palate Perfection: Viognier

While Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc have had their share of the limelight, there exists a gem that’s quietly been making its mark – Viognier.

Once teetering on the brink of obscurity, this white wine grape variety has not only made a resurgence but has also captivated the palates of wine lovers worldwide. It’s the kind of comeback story that even Rocky Balboa would applaud.

So, let’s go beyond Chardonnay in the whites and explore some Viognier…

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The Past and Present

By the 1960s, Viognier’s presence was fading, with only a few acres remaining in the Northern Rhône. Yet, against all odds, it made a triumphant comeback. Today, it thrives in various corners of the world, including California, Virginia, and Australia. In France, it expands its reach within the Rhône Valley and further west into Southern France. Its journey from near-extinction to global prominence is a testament to its unique qualities.

What is Viognier Wine?

Derived from the grape variety named Viognier, Viognier Wine boasts an intriguing history. In the Northern Rhône, it often hides behind the names of appellations like Condrieu and Château-Grillet. The latter, a single producer, lends its name to an entire appellation.

Interestingly, Viognier collaborates with the red grape Syrah in Côte-Rôtie, where it can constitute up to 20% of blends, although it usually plays a supporting role to Syrah’s brilliance.


Viognier exudes notes of stone fruit, from apricot to nectarine, often accompanied by hints of citrus oil. A touch of honeyed sweetness graces its profile, amplified in sweeter renditions like late-harvest Viognier.

As it matures, nutty nuances may emerge. Blended with other grapes, like Roussanne and Grenache Blanc, it adds a savory layer to the palate.


Viognier is an enigma that appeals to various preferences. Its ability to traverse the spectrum from lively to creamy allows producers to craft wines that mirror both the terroir and their vision. Oak aging further broadens its horizon that often entices Chardonnay enthusiasts.

Food Pairing

Pairing Viognier with food requires finesse, honoring its floral notes and medium acidity. From roasted chicken to seafood delights like lobster and shrimp, Viognier’s subtle bitterness harmonizes beautifully.

Cheeses like Gruyere and herbaceous spices like tarragon find companionship in this wine.

Dishes that balance fruit flavors and creaminess, like chicken tagine with apricots and almonds, elevate the Viognier experience.

Buying Guide

Alcohol by volume (ABV) of Viognier ranges from 13.5% to 15%, impacting the wine’s overall taste.

Lighter Viogniers around 14% ABV offer a leaner profile, while higher ABV styles provide a richer, bolder character.

Additionally, pay attention to the winemaker’s choice of oak aging. New oak imparts creaminess and spice, while neutral or stainless-steel aging highlights floral and tropical notes.

Go Vee-own-yay

As you explore white wines, don’t miss the chance to discover the elegance of Viognier. This white wine, with its roots in history and branches reaching across the globe, promises a journey of flavors and aromas that will leave an indelible mark on your wine-loving heart.

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Cheers to uncorking a world of wine wonder!🥂

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