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So here you are, just back from your vacation in (fill in the blank) and you had that splendid wine in the restaurant with your beloved and you vowed to “find this wine at home”. How do I find that ‘special’ wine?

So you go to the web and start to Google it – not easy.

Try winesearcher.com

This site, developed by the Kiwi’s, has an astonishing ability to identify just where any given wine is available – in any specific country or worldwide and what price!

So if you are searching for that ‘special wine’ that invokes some great memories then Winesearcher is the place to start.

A few metrics.  For Singapore alone, Winesearcher accesses over 300 (yes – 300!!) on-line Singapore wine lists. If it’s not showing on Winesearcher then it’s almost certainly not available in Singapore. But if you search on a worldwide basis then you likely find it somewhere – so make note of that for your next business trip to Mongolia if it shows as available there…..

And just to further boggle the mind – Winesearcher lists over 13,000 wine lists in the USA. Good luck with that.

Winesearcher is also very educational in that it shows the great disparity in wine prices in any given country. One good example of a widely available decent quality and  popular wine in Singapore: Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz. 

Wine Searcher shows the prices for the same wine range from $79  to $128 per bottle – for the same wine!!

For Benchmark Wines, using Winesearcher will demonstrate that we really do offer premium quality wines at value prices.

Really. Try it.

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