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Singapore Buys Its Wine Online at Benchmark Wines​

Amidst the chaotic evolution of this world, there is something that has continued to be classy since generations – wines. The only beverage that feeds the body, soul, and spirit and at the same time stimulates the mind. Things have changed in the Singaporean wine market with an increasingly sophisticated wine-drinking culture and a respectable yearly growth. 

Today, wine is ubiquitous! Benchmark Wines has surely raised the bar for wine shops in Singapore by vending wines online. It is very heartening for oenophiles to witness Singapore growing its taste in wine and enthusiastically experimenting with new characters and qualities of fine wine. Bringing you varied choices, flavors, and tannins sourced from vineyards around the world to a wine shop in Singapore, that deliver at your doorstep!

Benchmark Wines does nothing conventional! We mean, they have no retail space in the traditional sense but instead, they splendidly operate on an e-commerce platform. To make the selection trouble-free, they offer accurate descriptions on their website and make it simpler to buy from wine shops in Singapore. Although, they do offer a self-collection service from Monday to Friday (10 AM to 5 PM) with the ease of pick-up or to experience the wine-buy and have them delivered.

Every wine shop in Singapore isn’t exclusive the way we are!

Types of Wines Available at Benchmark Wines

Benchmark Wines carries an evident history of curating and stocking wines from vineyards in Australia, the USA, France, Italy, and New Zealand. Not limiting themselves to the top and the best, they are always on the lookout for more wines to expand their cellars and pioneer the sector of wine delivery in Singapore. They practice tasting and sourcing wine directly in person – often from small, high-quality, and high-praised vineyards. This convention enables them to offer wines their customers love and display their collection online for the ease to provide wine delivery in Singapore island. To an extension, Benchmarkers offer their clients to experience online wine selection to perfectly pair with their cravings. It therefore becomes safe to say, for the next occasion you need bottled poetry; to either pair with books, cheese, food, or moments of celebration in one’s backyard, there’s something for all people and all days. Today, under wine delivery in Singapore, Benchmark Wines have curated the bests of country wines, red wines, white winesrosé winessparkling wines, and organic wines from around the globe to your availability. With the immense catalog of distinctive flavors suiting your jazzy moods and moments of celebration, there are only many pours of wine available on this online wine shop in Singapore serving the diversity that houses in the country.


Buy Your Wines Online Singapore!

There’s a big world of wine out there, and even if you know a little about your taste in wine, going to the liquor store to buy your bottle can be intimidating for most of us. Even if you call yourself an oenophile, gone are the days when there was a need to go to the brick-and-mortar store to buy the product. Singapore is housing world-class flavours under the roof of Benchmark, a complete wine store near you to buy your wines online in Singapore at your convenient screens. You just need to visit and land onto a website that enables you to be more knowledgeable about the wines, their style, flavours, tannins, and whatnot! Happily, they even offer free wine delivery in all of Singapore!

What Makes Benchmark Wines Different?​

Benchmark Wines ~ Your first choice when it comes to finding liquor stores near me has a selective wine collection that is handpicked from regions that are the most lauded when it comes to homegrown wines. We are not a commercial brand, trading commercial wines – we are wine lovers who share their passions with others! We self check the quality of any wine that comes your way, our executives are proactive and wander places to explore the vinos we want to display on your screens when you are looking for liquor stores near me.