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8 great Italian Red wines: Top Italian wine values

8 great Italian wines you must try   Italy has a high-end heritage in the world of wines. Recently it became…

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Balance in a Wine – Four Key Factors

Drinking wine must be a pleasant experience – otherwise why do it? The simple judgment is “does it taste good”?…

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Chianti Ups The Ante!!

Starting with the 2010 vintage, the Chianti region has introduced an additional quality designation – ‘Gran Selezione’. Gran Selezione’ is…

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There are no (wine) secrets on the Internet

So here you are, just back from your vacation in (fill in the blank) and you had that splendid wine…

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Wine Snobs Are Right: Glass Shape Does Affect Flavor

Scientists show glass geometry controls where and how vapor rises from wine, influencing taste. Seeing is smelling for a camera…