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Haan 'Wilhelmus' Bordeaux Blend 2003 (1500ml Magnum)-0
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Haan ‘Wilhelmus’ Bordeaux Blend 2003 (1500ml Magnum)

Craneford 'John Zilm' Petit Verdot 2002 (1500ml Magnum)-0

Craneford ‘John Zilm’ Petit Verdot 2002 (1500ml Magnum)

Rolf Binder 'Heinrich' Shiraz-Grenache-Mataro 2005 (1500ml Magnum)-0
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Rolf Binder ‘Heinrich’ Shiraz-Grenache-Mataro 2005 (1500ml Magnum)

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R Wines ‘F.U. Ebenezer’ Shiraz 2008 (1500ml – Magnum)

Benchmark Wines Cepa 21 ‘Hito 2018

Cepa 21 ‘Hito’ 2018 (1500ml – Magnum)


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Bigger Bottles, Bigger Savings

When it comes to wine, bigger bottles are almost always better! Any party is elevated with a magnum bottle. Magnums are the perfect way to excite the crowd and please all your guests.

Where to Buy Magnum Wine Bottles in Singapore Online?

If you’re looking for the best websites to buy Magnum Wine Bottles in Singapore, Benchmark Wines Store is your answer. While the standard wine bottle size is 750ml, magnums offer an exciting alternative with their large wine bottle format, holding 1500 ml of wine. At Benchmark Wines Store, explore a fantastic selection of magnum wine bottles and buy them online at the best rates.

Magnum Champagne Singapore

Magnum Champagne in Singapore is the ideal size for parties and festive gatherings. These larger Champagne bottles, equivalent to 36 standard bottles, add a touch of grandeur to the grandest occasions. Make your parties more memorable by choosing to buy Magnum Champagne from Benchmark Wines.

Wine Bottle Types of Magnum Wine Singapore

Magnum is just the size of the bottle, and it is added as an adjective before the name of the product, i.e., magnum of wine “blank.” For example, magnum red wine or magnum of red wine or magnum rose wine.

So, no matter if you want a sparkling wine, rose wine, white wine, sweet red wine, or for that matter, even natural wine, Benchmark Wines has a big wine bottle for almost every type of wine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Buy Magnum Wine Bottles in Singapore?

The process of aging wine begins when air enters and leaves the cork, influencing the wine’s flavor components. With magnum bottles, you have the same surface area for airflow — that tiny cork – but a far greater volume of wine. As a result, these bottles age half as fast as their 750 ml wine bottle capacity counterparts. Buy Magnum & Larger Online at our website; we have Large Format Wine Bottles For Sale.

Why Do Magnum Bottles Taste Better?

Bottles with less oxygen let the best wines oxidize approximately one and a half to two times slower than in regular bottles, keeping more flavor and complexity. Magnums are ideal for keeping wine because they keep the liquid fresher and more youthful for much longer than standard bottles.

Are You Looking for Magnum Singapore for Sale?

We’re the best place to buy magnum wines because we offer an incredible selection at unbeatable prices. Our inventory includes everything from rare and limited-edition wines to everyday favorites, so there’s something for everyone. Buy Magnum Champagne at Benchmark Wines today and save big with our deals on magnum wine bottles! Get started by browsing our selection or checking out some of our most popular brands like Howard Park Abercrombie and Craneford ‘John Zilm’ Merlot.

Benchmark Wines also offers a highly versatile ah so wine opener to let you open your magnum wine bottles.

Also, do check out the double magnum wine bottle dimensions by Benchmark Wines.