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CHAMPAGNE and SPARKLING WINE We offer a wide range of high-quality champagne and sparkling wines at competitive prices. Sparkling wine Singapore internet searches will return many alternatives but none challenge the level of service and product range as Benchmark Wines. We offer FREE same day and next daychampagne delivery Singapore service island wide in Singapore*. (*Terms and conditions apply)

The market for Champagne and sparkling wines in Singapore is as wide as it is deep in both quality and value. French Champagne is no longer the Queen of the ball when it comes to bubbles and celebrations. Sparkling wine from Italy (prosecco) and Spain (cava) are taking market share away from the French with their high quality and super value bubblies. The New World is also in the mix as French champagne houses are buying wineries in the USA, Australia and New Zealand to remain competitive. Getting your Champagne delivery Singapore is quick and easy with Benchmark Wines with our 2 step check out process. Click and you shall receive !!

Benchmark Sparkling Wines Singapore

Made for celebrations, sparkling wines are every bit delicious as they are sparkly. From gifts to parties, where there is fun, happiness, and excitement, there is sparkling wine which is also why everyone, including wine pros and the modern youth, loves to pop up a bottle of sparkling wine every chance they get. With Benchmark Wines, you can enjoy your favorite bottle of sparkling wine from across the globe delivered right to you. 

Type of Sparkling Wines we Offer

There are many online sparkling wines of various brands available, but in a nutshell, they are only of the two types – red and white. At Benchmark wines, we have sparkling wines handpicked from wine-rich countries across the globe. Italy, France, Australia, or Spain, you have an assorted collection of spanking wines to try with Benchmark Wines. So, do nothing. Just order sparkling wine now. 

Buy Sparkling Wine: Quality and Speciality

Sparkling wines are the perfect answer to a celebration. Behind the fizzy nature of the sparkling wine, there is more to it. Many factors make the best sparkling wines, from busts of bubbles in a mouth full of sparkling wine to the delicious taste and balanced texture. At Benchmark Wines, we carefully select sparkling wine from across nations based on varied factors to help you with only the most famous sparkling wines. 

Why Benchmark Wine Best for Sparkling Wines Online In Singapore?

Are you tired of looking for authentic sparkling wines online but can’t find them? We help you find the finest sparkling wines at affordable rates with zero hassle. Please browse through our online cellar of wines from the most prominent locations, decide your flavor and buy sparkling wine. With priority delivery, you will have your bottle delivered to you from Benchmark Wines in no time. It’s time you stop looking everywhere and start browsing on your one-stop-shop for sparkling wines and beyond – Benchmark Wines. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where can I order sparkling wine online in Singapore? 

Benchmark Wine is one online wine store with some of the best sparkling wines from countries ranging from Australia, Italy, France to Spain, and more. You can certainly order sparkling wine from here. 

2. Which is the best sparkling wine? 

There are a variety of famous sparkling wines available in Singapore and on Benchmark Wines. From red to white to Italy and France, every region and sparkling wine type has its best wine. 

3. Is sparkling wine champagne? 

There are several regions with different ways of naming sparkling wines. While Spain calls it Cava, other countries say Champagne and Sparkling wine.