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Sauvignon Blanc Wine 

Sauvignon Blanc is a green-skinned white wine types of grape variety that originates from the Bordeaux region of France and was popular French wine Singapore. The grape most likely gets its name from the French words Sauvage (“wild”) and Blanc (“white”) due to its early origins as an indigenous grape in Southwest France. It is possibly a descendant of Savagnin. Sauvignon Blanc is planted in many of the world’s wine regions, producing a crisp, dry, and refreshing white varietal wine. The grape is also a component of the famous dessert wines from Sauternes and Barsac. One popular variety is New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Wine the global wine map of Sauv Blanc. 

Sauv Blanc: Sauvignon Blanc White Wine 

Sauvignon Blanc is widely cultivated in France, Chile, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and California.
Depending on the climate, the wine flavor can range from aggressively grassy to sweetly tropical. In cooler climates, the grape tends to produce wines with noticeable acidity and “green flavors” of grass, green bell peppers, and nettles with some tropical fruit (such as passion fruit) and floral (such as elderflower) notes. In warmer climates, it can develop more tropical fruit notes but risk losing a lot of wine aroma from over-ripeness, leaving only slight grapefruit and tree fruit (such as peach) notes. 

White Wine Sauvignon Blanc 

Wine experts have used the phrase “crisp, elegant, and fresh” as a favorable description of Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley and New Zealand. Sauvignon Blanc, when slightly chilled, pairs well with fish or cheese, particularly chèvre. It is also known as one of the few wines that can pair well with sushi.

Along with Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc was one of the first fine wines to be bottled with a screwcap in commercial quantities, especially by New Zealand producers. The wine is usually consumed young, as it does not particularly benefit from aging, as varietal Sauvignon Blancs tend to develop vegetal aromas reminiscent of peas and asparagus with extended aging. Dry and sweet white Bordeaux, including oak-aged examples from Pessac-Léognan and Graves, as well as some Loire wines from Pouilly-Fumé and Sancerre are some of the few examples of Sauvignon Blancs with aging potential. 

You can also explore organic Sauvignon Blanc if you want to have a taste of natural wine. 

The first Friday in May is International Sauvignon Blanc Day. 

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