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Benchmark Wines_Bocelli Family Wines 'Rosso di Toscano' Sangiovese' IGT 2017_Italian Wine Singapore

Bocelli Family Wines ‘Rosso di Toscano’ Sangiovese’ IGT 2017

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Cantine Due Palme ‘Pillastro’ Primitivo 2020

Benchmark Wines_Bocelli Family Wines Chianti Classico 2018_Italian Red Wine Singapore-2

Bocelli Family Wines Chianti Classico 2018

Benchmark Wines_Canto dei Vigneti Chianti Reserva DOCG 2016 French Wines

Canto dei Vigneti Chianti Reserva DOCG 2016

Benchmark Wines_Canto dei Vigneti Chianti Classico DOCG 2019 French Wines

Canto dei Vigneti Chianti Classico DOCG 2019


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Benchmark Wines is Singapore’s #1 online retailer of best Italian Singapore. Check out our wide selection of Italian Chianti, Brunello, Barbera, Pinot Gris, Sangiovese, and Barolo wine. 

Benchmark Italian Wines Singapore

Italian wines are relished by people and wine pros across all continents. The balanced taste, ease to enjoy with a variety of food, and overall distinct nature of Italian gives it a competitive edge over others. From America to Africa, Italian wines are famous worldwide. Piedmont, Liguria, and Trentino-Alto Adige are a few of the many regions in Italy known for their vineyards and wineries. These vineyards are not just technologically sound but accustomed to the many years of the expert winemaking process that Italy has garnered over decades. 

Are you in search of some premium Italian wine in Singapore? Well, why look anywhere else when you find every kind of wine, right here at Benchmark Wines. Just browse and pick your favorite one and buy Italian wine online in Singapore. Book today and get priority delivery. 

Benchmark Wines has almost all types of Italian Wines from white wine Singapore to rose wine, and best red wine. 

Type of Italian Wines We Offer

Italian red wines

From the Sangiovese-based Chinati wines to the Pinot Nero from Trentino-Alto Adige, we house an amalgam of some of the most prominent and cherished Italian red wines in our online celery. Balanced taste and occasion red, a bottle of authentic red wine is a must for every wine enthusiast.

Italian white wine

Italian White wines are the epitome of quality and class in a bottle. Day or night, some white wine, especially when it’s from Italy, is always the right choice. Explore the best Italian table wine from Benchmark Wines and Purchase Italian wines on the web.

Italian Sparkling wine

Italian sparkling wine is the essence of any party or celebration. Delicious in taste and mystical in the mouth, one can never deny a glass of Italian wine, more importantly, a sparkling wine, ever. Find an authentic taste of Italian wine Singapore with Benchmark Wine. Order a bottle today.

Buy Italian Wine: Quality and Specialty

Looking for where to buy Italian wine online for an upcoming dinner or celebration? Why look for any other wine when you can order perfection? Italian wines have led the way of class and quality since their first-ever batch many years ago. Among the many reasons why people love Italian wine, one that stands out is the reputation they have built for providing an enthralling experience to wine enthusiasts. For guests, gifts, or yourself, at Benchmark Wines, we choose the best quality Italian wines online and deliver them right to your doorstep. So, for quality Italian wine in Singapore, you know where to buy Italian wine online in Singapore.

Why Benchmark Wines is the Best Place to Buy Italian Wine Online

At Benchmark Wines, we help you relish Italian wines the way they are meant to. We go the distance and assure the quality and authenticity of every Italian wine that goes out of our cellar into your home is maintained. From carefully selecting the right wines to delivering them at your doorsteps, we provide a comprehensive, hassle-free service to wine lovers like you in Singapore. So, explore our online catalog, learn more about your favorite Italian wine, and order today. 

Benchmark Wines offers some of the most exclusive Italian wines like Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia 2018 and Dom. Paul Mas ‘Mas de Tannes Reserve Blanc’ Grenache Blanc 2014 or Dom Wine. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Best Italian Wine?

There are not one but hundreds of universally acclaimed Italian wine brands that people enjoy worldwide. However, if it comes to popularity – Chianti DOCG and Sangiovese would certainly take the top places. Do you want to order Italian wines remotely? Visit Benchmark Wines to order now. 

What Is a Famous Italian Wine?

There is no doubt that every kind of Italian wine is distinct in taste and provides an experience like no other. However, Chianti is one of those wines from Italy that has surpassed others in the popularity scale and become very famous. 

Where Can I Buy Italian Wine in Singapore?

You can explore and buy Italian wine in Singapore from authentic online wine shop like Benchmark Wines.

More in Italian Wines by Benchmark Wines

  • Benchmark Wines also offers large format wine bottles of Italian Wines, which means bigger bottles and even bigger savings. 
  • Italian Wines are also available in organic wine form which means a guilt-free experience of enjoying your favorite wine. 
  • Use the wine opener Singapore by Benchmark Wines to open your bottle of Italian Wine.