Hewitson ‘The Mad Hatter’ Shiraz 2012


Hewitson ‘The Mad Hatter’ Shiraz 2012
95/100 – Quite possibly the best Shiraz I’ve experienced in 2022. Balance of a ballerina. The body of Mike Tyson in his prime and the finesse of a three-card Monty card shark. I would like nothing more than to be teleported to 2032 when this wine would be strutting through its adolescence with all the confidence of a sports superstar.

Aussie wines continue to defy expectations when they age but the past 20 years of the continual increase in value for over 70% of the wines in the auction space. This Dean Hewitson jewel will never not deliver; now or throughout the next 2 decades.

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Hewitson ‘The Mad Hatter’ Shiraz 2012

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